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A Mindful Approach

Leadership In Motion™  is authentic discovery through honest, curious inquiry and movement.

Embodiment—the enactment of knowledge and concepts through the activity of our bodies—is a powerful force for learning. Centering around the idea that leadership is not stagnant but in fact a fluid, changing and dynamic role.

Through movement, both metaphoric and literal, we recognize our wisdom. Our conscious mind begins to discover truths that have been buried, answers to questions we’ve pondered, and reveals a path forward.

Recognizing how we respond in various situations, we are able to tolerate discomfort, utilize honed communication skills and get unstuck.  We move beyond differences and perceived limitations and get moving!

All knowledge
until it’s in the body
is still a rumor.
— Anonymous

Benefits for Leaders

Too many organizations today are governed by an outdated, patriarchal, top-down form of leadership.  Group members often feel their voices unheard; their participation not fully valued.

It’s time for a new leadership paradigm!

It can be different when those members utilize tools that help them trust their intuition and step forward with their contributions. Leadership In Motion™ practices expand on our intuition - our gut feelings.

developing Emotional intelligence

Through the process of getting unstuck, we develop our emotional intelligence, which then ignites and invigorates our participation and engagement. We move beyond our current limitations and perceptions and into our fully realized potential .

Watch employees and individuals discover their leadership capacity, find their voice, and step up to move their ideas into action and effect change. Watch leaders listen.

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How It Works

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The Process

We begin with open attention.

We get curious. We tune in. What is true right now in our current situation? We actively FOCUS and enter into a specific exploration.

We open into our question to discover, deepen, expand, play, wonder. What would be possible if…..?

Finally, we settle; we return to what is true in this situation, this day, this moment. New perspectives informing next steps.

This cycle is the basis of our work together during coaching sessions. Bringing curiosity and presence to the inquiry at hand, we explore with an open mind and heart. Then, with newfound clarity, a plan to make things happen powerfully emerges. The path forward becomes clear.


The Research

Current research in neuroplasticity indicates that we are in fact capable of changing our minds.

One concrete tool that we might utilize to “lubricate” the mind, is conscious movement practice.

What undiscovered insights lie within your body?

What hidden knowledge is keeping you from acting clearly and with intention?  

What is needed to affect change and MOVE?

All of it is welcome. All of it informs our self awareness and ability to step fully into ourselves.

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“When our bodies move, everything moves. A gesture brings on a flood of feelings.….anything we push away can become our limitation.”


Get Moving

Take advantage of half-day and whole-day workshops at an intimate waterfront retreat center on the shore of the San Francisco Bay, under the watchful peak of Mt.Tamalpais.

Relax, breathe, be inspired.

Customized to meet the needs of each client, Kit offers the perfect setting and unique facilitation to transform and invigorate your planning sessions, your board retreats or your afternoon away with friends. Try something different. Prepare to Be MOVED!