Meet Kit

Kit Pappenheimer combines mindfulness and motion to help clients get out of their heads and tune into their somatic body wisdom. There, they often discover solutions to hard personal and organizational problems.

Kit’s mastery of the use of creative inquiry techniques, mindfulness, and physical movement work in harmony to open up space to tap into undiscovered and oftentimes buried solutions.

Offering vision, guidance, support, and encouragement at the right times is the key to her success. Through individual coaching, group facilitation, and her widely attended Cool Girls Summits, her Leadership In Motion™ practice brings joy and satisfaction to individuals, teams, and partnerships.



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Background & Training

Primarily in the crucible of being a principal running public (elementary, middle and high) schools, Kit met the challenges of leadership for individuals, small teams, and organizations.  She developed a powerful quiver of tools and practices which now form the core of her facilitation, training and coaching sessions.

Kit serves as Executive Director of Open Floor International, the conscious movement organization in which for many years she has danced, studied and recently begun teaching.  Utilizing a consent-based governing process called Dynamic Governance, she practices active listening and creative problem solving with a worldwide group of working members, across the Middle East, Europe, New Zealand and the US.

Kit is available to offer her unique brand of coaching and facilitation to school administrators and leadership teams as well as non-profit boards and staff. She also coaches one on one with individuals within these organizations.  And individuals working for change in their worlds. She holds aside a set amount of time for pro-bono work.

Once a week, for the past six years, Kit has served as a volunteer caregiver for Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco.

And she DANCES.


"Kit holds space for people as they explore their lives and find clarity and conviction on their paths. She is a beautiful listener, always present 100%. That's rare; whether individually or in a group, Kit is right there, fully present, wise, and generous."


Experience & Certifications


Co-Active Coaching & Evocative Coaching Model Training
Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

ORSC  Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching

OPEN FLOOR Conscious Movement Teacher