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What is
Leadership Coaching?

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching is NOT therapy; rather than looking back, we look forward. Instead of focusing on what hasn't worked and why, we start fresh in this moment. Where do you want to move? And how.

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What to Expect

Begin with open attention. We get curious. We tune in. We actively set an intention, FOCUS, and enter into a specific exploration. We open into your question to discover, deepen, expand, play, wonder. Finally, we settle; we return to what is true in this phase, this day, this moment.

This cycle is the basis of Leadership Coaching with Kit Pappenheimer. Bringing curiosity and presence to the inquiry at hand, we explore with an open mind and heart. Then, with newfound clarity, a plan to make things happen will emerge with clarity and power.

We’ll talk, we may move, we may write, or get artistic. There will be homework. You’ll get out of it, what you put in.

Engaging in the process ALWAYS produces results, even if the path does not always lead where we expect. Kit guides you forward as you get out of your own way and into action.


The Research

Current research in neuroplasticity indicates that we are in fact capable of changing our minds.

One concrete tool that we might utilize to “lubricate” the mind, is conscious movement practice.

What undiscovered insights lie within your body?

What hidden knowledge is keeping you from acting clearly and with intention?  

What is needed to affect change and MOVE?

All of it is welcome. All of it informs our self awareness and ability to step fully into ourselves.

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“When our bodies move, everything moves. A gesture brings on a flood of feelings.….anything we push away can become our limitation.”

Change the lens through which you view the world. Go within, connect with your true self, and discover if you are living authentically. Then CHOOSE. YOUR. MOVE.
— Kit Pappenheimer

Through Coaching, You Will Get:

  • Out of your chair / off the couch and into your body

  • Through your resistance

  • Connected to your productivity

  • Clarity on what success on your terms looks like

  • “Plugged in” to your unique offering

  • More fully expressed

  • REAL (Unapologetically yourself)



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