Want to learn how to write an engaging, compelling, search engaging optimized blog post? Right within your Squarespace? Read on.

The Best Way to Optimize is By Using Keywords in your Headings

Headings are important elements of a blog post for:

  1. Google’s bots that crawl headings to search for relevant phrases

  2. People who skim articles and blog posts by larger, bolded headings to find the information they are looking for

  3. People using screen reader technology (those with sight or motor function impairments) to help navigate through a webpage.

Using keyword phrases naturally throughout your post is essential. Stuffing your content full of keywords not only makes for a poor reading experience for your site visitors, but also feels scammy to Google. Just don’t do it.

Heading 3 Should Be Used for Smaller Subsections of your Heading 2

Indenting this part may also be a great way to help this content stand out.

Using Bulleted lists like this:

  • Item 1

  • Item 2

  • Item 3

Or numbered lists like this:

  1. Item 1

  2. Item 2

  3. Item 3

Will help your content be skimmed more easily.

Avoid a Wall of Words

These formatting tools are important to use wisely, often, and well. If people arrive at a blog posts that is just a wall of words with few paragraph breaks… they will leave! No one has time to read a wall of words. Help your users learn what you have to teach them by formatting your articles for maximum readability.

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